Life in Canada

This is my ongoing thought process of things I find strange and different here.

Milk in North America confuses me. I’d rather not get involved in the crazy politics of choosing a type. But the coffee at Blenz on Denman is so bad, it forced me to add something to my usual black order. Skim? Half and half? 2%? 3%? Lactose Free? Homo?

The hell? Homo? Is that a cute reference to being in the gay district or an actual type of milk? There is no need for this level of complexity with milk. Make it whole, semi skimmed or skimmed. I hate percentages, I’m
not doing math while trying to drink my coffee.

Also the toilets here freak me out. I feel like Bart in the western hemisphere. They flush weird and are constructed oddly. The public bathrooms have huge gaps in the doors and spaces at the bottom that you could limbo under. Why? For a nation that doesn’t allow topless sunbathing, why do you want people to see you pee? And it’s everywhere! You cannot even trust the push button locks on the doors. I wonder does N America have a strange, public toilet fetish.

And another thing. The television ads here seem like they were made for people with special needs. All the women talk very loudly and brightly about products as if they are addressing the deaf or foreigners. Weird.

People and their tiny, tiny dogs.


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