I can’t believe there’s no butter

I must have been smoking the crack when I decided to move to a country that doesn’t sell decent butter or margarine*. What is this Becel stuff? It’s awful and EVERYWHERE. Like a monopoly on bad margarine. Half the shelves are Becel and various incarnations of its awfulness. And I can’t believe it’s not butter, that suff is poison where I come from.

Do you see one of the few kinds of actual butter here? It’s called European style. WHAT IS THAT? Is it European butter good, Canadian butter bad? Oh the humanity.

*This post is what’s known as a rant. Vancouver is an awesome city, but I would sell my soul for some President butter. Do you hear that, Lucifer? MY SOUL!


One thought on “I can’t believe there’s no butter

  1. Larissa says:

    You never told me you had a blog, whore.

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