Lazy Sunday

I’ve been under a lot of stress recently, life in general and my hip and back injury have probably put my body under unnecessary strain. To keep up I’ve been drinking so much coffee and tea, having sugar for breakfast and generally abusing my health. So my immune system is pretty poor at the moment. After last night’s debauchery of wine and an amazing filet mignon*, I have pledged to be healthier and focus on taking better care of myself. This means eating better, sleeping better, no late night interneting and ramping up my yoga practice**. Also just generally trying to chill out, stress less, love more.

I must be getting more sensible because I didn’t want to just stay in bed all day today and nurse my hangover, I wanted to get out and get moving. But why not have a lazy Sunday? So I am pootering around, making spinach salad and baking bread. Yes, the illusive focaccia bread. I’ve made it a few times before, it rises well, it tastes nice but it is so difficult to get it golden brown on top and still fluffy underneath.

Aside from the long rising time, which I skipped today as have yoga class later and can’t wait all day, it is remarkably quick and easy to make. Also unlike cookies where you might not have all the ingredients, you can whip it up with what you have in your cupboard. Flour, fast acting yeast, sea salt, olive oil and herbs. Today I am adding cherry tomatoes and feta, just because I happened to have them.

It’s crazy how much bread expands in width in an hour.

Before it went in.

And after. It tastes amazeballs. Looks like I am getting the hang of the golden topping. Hotter oven temp maybe. Will see what kind of bread I want to move on to next.

* The vegetarianism took a hit last week when I went out to a work dinner at a steakhouse. Well I had to, didn’t I? I think the issue with my meat eating the last time was that I was eating too much of it and it really wasn’t that good. I guess I was trying too hard to be a proper meat eater. But now I will only break it for the occasional steak. Why deny myself something so tasty?

** I used to laugh at the yoga crazies in my former studio, they seemed so obsessive with it. But now I am too, I had a yoga revelation and I just love it. I’ve never loved an exercise class before but yoga really puts you in tune with your body and makes you feel fantastic. I’ve had some strange experiences with it, muscles moving in ways you never thought they could and the fact that I have amazing flexibility in legs but limited range in my back.


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