Family Dinner

Some days I am just terrible at dealing with life and people. Yesterday was one of those days, so I just baked for Ainsley’s boiled dinner at the Mansion. A cross between an Irish and an Italian boiled dinner, the mostarda made it Italiano. Obviously, as I’ve mentioned here before, I am a very nervous cook. The result of too many people telling me I’ve done it wrong and the times I’ve cocked up an omelette. Seriously, an omlette, who messes that up? But everyone was very sweet and complimentary about my efforts, focaccia and cheesecake brownies. Next time, it will have to be Irish soda bread.

Ainsley is a great cook and here is his brisket and boiled veg. Definitely felt like being back at home while eating this, the meat was incredibly tender and accentuated beautifully with the citrusy mostarda (below).

No time spent at the Mansion would be complete without the hookah coming out.

Tyler is definitely a pro at smoke rings, since I can’t even inhale, I am not.


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