Facebook will be the death of us all…

Doesn’t everyone love when you find out that you have so many friends in common with someone? I don’t. It’s weird and makes me suspicious that I am secretly in Linzi’s version of The Truman Show. Freud once said, there is no such thing as coincidence.* I discovered today that two Irish friends from two entirely different groups are friends with the same person on Facebook and last month the same thing happened with two London friends. Very different people who are friends with the same person. The month before, same thing with Vancouver** friends.

I discovered all these chains of friends through Facebook’s People you may know widget. Why don’t you just back off, Facebook? Huh. You and Gmail, which is always up in my business asking ‘Consider including XX’ in my emails. No, Gmail, you’re worse than a desperate intern craving validation. Not to mention Linkedn, ‘hey, we found some jobs for you and why not connect with this person, you once emailed them ten years ago?’ You guys are like the Jewish mothers of the Internet. Wouldn’t be surprised if they had masterminded the whole concept of online dating. ‘Why you not find a nice boy to marry? I got lotsa nice boys for you here.’

Will all our worlds eventually collide through the medium of Facebook? Will everyone soon know everybody else? Is social networking the birth of Skynet? Maybe. Am I indeed totally paranoid? Almost definitely.

It’s weird though, right?

* Not that I am fond of quoting him, misogynistic wanker.
** Which isn’t really all that strange – hello, it’s Vancouver. This place is like the prairie. Night, John Boy.


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