Zombie Linzi

Having a migraine is like being the living dead. You look, well vaguely, alive and are upright and walking, but it is all an illusion. Inside you are operating on about 40% power, keeping the essential functions going but none of the personality or communications capabilities are working. Normal, functioning people become like the enemy. Why are they talking so loud and so fast? Must everyone be so chirpy? These superhumans must be stopped! Go away, go away, go away. Today I am running on 40% power, migraine on one side, really poor visibility and zero per cent tolerance for others. In a moment of annoyance I thought, ‘are people not sick of wearing those stupid Canucks jerseys to work every second day? When will this nonsense be over?’

And banal chit chat all around me, this inanity should be illegal. People should work in silence. Bad, migraine Linzi has taken over. She needs to lie down now. Was the world always this bright?

Weather said it would be 17 degrees and sunny, it’s raining. At least that is something.


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