Dive Bars, the Narnia of drinking

London has been trying to get the speakeasy and dive bar scene going over the past year or so, but it is all a bit yuppy and expensive. Not really so hidden and hard to find. My American friends have snorted derision on our attempts to be divey and dirty, saying it will never compare with what they have back home. Turns out they are right and we should stick to what we do best; gin cocktails, cucumber sandwiches and sarcasm.

Tonight I had plans to meet the fabulous Colene and she suggested the Narrow Lounge. Being a newb, I dutifully looked it up on the repository of all information, Yelp. Good thing I did, because walking up the dodgy part of Main Street, thinking Google Maps is having a laugh again would not have been much fun. So I was more amused than surprised to see this was the entrance.

A hipster walks into a club that you’ve never heard of before.

If you squint, you can see that rusty sign reads Narrows. The hipsters, they love a bit of intrigue, don’t they?

Don’t be alarmed, probably no-one is going to kill you here. The funny thing is, at the bar next to me was a couple clearly on a first date (internet hookup?). Nice choice, buddy. She is never calling you again.

But this place is very cool, very dirty and divey. They have moose antlers on the wall, some kind of stuffed bear head and you can dance on the bar, if you wish. If you are brave enough to eat here, they serve warm pretzels, their Mac and Cheese is famed and I want to come back for the peanut butter pie. (Ahem, and some bar dancing).


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