I need a holiday

Whenever I get bummed out, I look up flights to London. Then I realise that would solve none of my problems. But it might create some interesting new ones. And damn, they are expensive! I might have to travel in cargo.

On the bright side, last night a friend hugged me and said ‘I’m so glad you’re here’. And I was so glad, to be there. It’s never the place that makes it for me, it’s the people. The only reason for me to stay and the only reason for me to leave.


2 thoughts on “I need a holiday

  1. Amanda says:

    My thoughts exactly. People make a life rich and full of colour, not the physical location (well, for the most part :P….wouldn’t wanna live in the middle of nowhere!). Vancouver is stunning, and people often ask me how I’m even slightly unhappy in such a gorgeous city, and it’s an easy answer:

    I know no one in Vancouver, really. Only a handful of people I met in my short program that I took. I’ve got a few “i-see-you-once-in-a-while acquaintances” that I’ve met since I moved here 9 months ago, but no solid friendships. With the lack of a more casual pub culture, it’s harder just “hangout” with a group of people or get to know someone without having to make a big deal about “meeting up” somewhere specific….if that makes sense…I just find it easier to make friends in England versus Vancouver.

    We moved here so my fella could attend a program at Vancouver Film School, and we have no real friends or network here, and it’s tough building one from scratch. We have met some nice people, but no one that invites us round at the weekend just for a chat and a beer. It’s always something more formal with Vancouverites….I find. Or maybe just the ones I’ve met.

    I feel lonely and and isolated, even in such a connected and techie city. We’ve got lots of family (well, his) and a ton of friends in England, and that’s the number one reason I’m excited to be back there. I know I won’t be moving back home to Halifax, so the UK, for me, is the closest thing to home.

    Ugh, sorry for the non-sensical ramble. 😦

    • Linzi says:

      Awww, Amanda. That is no good at all. I’ve been luckier, I’ve met more people here than in London, which is why leaving would be hard. I guess I had my circle in London and never had to look elsewhere. But I was forced to here, and through meet ups and tweet ups, I’ve met a bunch of nice people. I suppose when you go somewhere with your partner, it is harder. I did that when I moved to London at first and we had exact same problem.

      It is tough to meet new people when you are in your late twenties and yeah, they are way harder to crack than Londoners. No pub culture is an adjustment. And no cider, even more so!

      But you can always hang out with me!

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