So only one of you dolls wanna dance…

I had a whole blog post written, but whatever… I wasn’t feeling it. Nor was I particularly feeling today and got a bit crazy in the head. “Let it ride, let ride, and you’ll see…”

Mick Flannery – The Rebel (Live at Cork Opera House)

This, on the other hand, is sexy and dark and fucking recorded in The Cork Opera House. Man, would I have loved to have been in the audience for this. The Opera House is right behind the area my parents have their jewellery store and has been host to some fantastic performers. I have a sick love for singer-songwriters and the soul destroying music that comes out of Ireland. A Cork native, Mick Flannery’s voice is hard worn, hard lived and bluesy, nothing like you expect from that scene. You just want to turn down the lights, slip between the sheets with someone and feel this music wash over you both. Maybe it won’t do it for you, but it definitely does it for me. It’s smoking sensuality, it’s angsty, it’s dark and satisfying, everything great sex should be.

I think I’ve posted some of his stuff before and simply because I cannot get enough of it, here’s some more. And he’s playing in London in a few days, sad face.

Mick Flannery – Wish You Well (Live at Cork Opera House)

Mick Flannery – Take It On The Chin (Live at Cork Opera House)

More upbeat

Mick Flannery – Tomorrow’s Paper


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