The week in pictures

So this week was crazy, from decisions to riots to a weekend in Seattle. Monday started off kinda stressful but ultimately worked out. And Wednesday, day of the Canucks final and the now infamous riots. A friend jokingly sent me the riot video from 1994 and we laughed at that happening again. How could it, we were going to win! The whole city was euphoric and in the mood for the Canucks to finally take the Stanley cup. Everyone was wearing Canucks blue and I headed to a friend’s apartment a few blocks away to watch the game. Steaks, wine and we even listened to ‘I predict a Riot’.

And then the game started. Not well. One goal after another. Jesus wept! The first smoke sign. Then the riot properly kicked off.

It was pretty shocking and people were behaving appallingly. Friends of ours were right in the middle of it, we got separated but fortunately I had my friend’s burly flatmate for protection. After seeing burnt out cars and riot police, fire after fire, it was just too much. Media incited and mob fuelled craziness. It can happen anywhere, even mild mannered Vancouver.

The next morning, the aftermath, it was still beautiful B.C. No major harm done, mostly to big chain stores and expensive cars.

The wall of regret downtown. Bit of an over-reaction if you ask me. This was not 9/11 but almost being treated as such. Get a grip, Vancouver. People ‘apologizing’ that were not even anywhere near downtown and web vigilantism trying to punish the offenders.

So it was a relief to leave and visit beautiful Seattle.

Here I am in Fremont eating a corndog. Yup, vegetarianism has truly been replaced by bad taste. Admittedly it tasted okay, but the concept is a bit gross. Hilarious to eat though.

Fremont is a fantastic Seattle neighbourhood and one I would love to live in. Very hip and trendy with boutique stores, farmers markets and the most amazing looking restaurants. I fell in love straightaway, much quicker than it took for Vancouver to get me.

Jonny and Laura and Lenin. It’s a tough life under Lenin. This statue in Fremont is a really interesting story of how art is not always going to make people feel happy, but is important nonetheless that it exists.

To Lenin, Rapunzel or the Troll?

The Troll it is.

And a beautiful sky welcoming me home. Driving back from Seattle is amazing, it is exactly like being in the Twilight movies but without that godawful Kristen Stewart.


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