This city is a village

Life can be serendipitous sometimes or Vancouver can just be small, I can’t decide. On my way home from downtown tonight, I had plans to sit in front of my laptop and apartment hunt, but I bumped into Rick C. This has happened before and he always looks surprised, he forgets we live in a village. He was off to a dinner tweet up with a bunch of people, including one of my favourite ladies Colene. And so I went too and happily got to bump into other people I know and meet some new faces – some I was already following but had never met. The restaurant confused us at first, a lot of African stuff on the walls but Asian food on the plates? It was a restaurant serving two ethnicities that shares space, Malaysian and Ethiopian, Malayopian.

Tonight was also the night of the Gastown Music Festival. I cannot believe I was planning on going home. The streets were full of musicians and bands, some bluesy and awesome, and some 1990s thrash rock.

I always love to see Gastown sparkle. Look at all these people, where are these folks usually? They must have bussed them in from other cities.

I know, the writing and photography I’m posting is worse than ever. Can you believe people pay me to write words? Hopefully I will be able to get some clarity to write something good soon. Actual thoughts, instead of I went here and then I went there. Ann and Barry had an ice cream and then Barry went home. Ann was sad because Barry is such a cheat date… Honestly, I don’t even know.


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