Who’s easy going?

This post is about people’s perceptions of themselves. We all think we have a sense of humour and that we are enjoyable to be around. But others do not necessarily share our views on our own personalities. Take my landlady, a thoroughly unfriendly person. I came across the Craigslist ad for our apartment today, in which she described herself as ‘very easy going’. Honey, Hitler was more tolerant than you.

Sure, I consider myself easy going too. People seem to enjoy being around me and I make no major demands on them. If you want to go to a specific restaurant, movie or vacation spot, then I’m cool with that. Sadly, this letting people have their own way style of mine means I’ve eaten in some crap places (kebabs, Eamon) and seen some terrible movies.

It got me thinking about the, jokingly, ‘dealbreakers’ conversation I had recently. I could never love someone who…

1. Buys tabloid newspapers to actually read. I saw a bloke on the tube once reading The Daily Sport. Oh no,  you and I have *nothing* to say to each other. I could never marry someone who wanted to read the news and so picked up The Daily Mail.

2. Bed habits. (no, not those, you perverts. That’s another post ;-p) Snorers and people who are very warm. I cannot share a bed with you. I did that for 5 and a half years and I know the homicidal tendencies that I am capable of.

3. People who cannot discern between your and you’re. Your out too! (This is actually untrue, I dated a developer, he could barely spell his name. Guess I’m getting pickier.)

4. And today, the newest addition. A man walking his cat on a leash. I could never love someone who hated animals, but someone who loved them too much, well….

These are all in jest, of course. The things that really matter are the ones you never expect to happen to you. People who are cavalier with your heart, who lie without a pause, who don’t consider you a priority in their life. Who expect you to eat Marmite with them… those bastards.


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