23 year olds, Belle de Jour cocktails and celebrities

“You should just stay and be our friend”. Oh Vancouver. you certainly know how to woo a girl. Great night last night with two very awesome group of friends. A mash-up of both in the middle led to the conversation of should a friend just sex a hot 23 year old or is that just too too young. A visit to three awesome bars I’ve never been to before, Greedy Pig, 6 Acres and Boneta (Gastown, I heart you) and a celebrity guest appearance from Tahmoh Penikett. He is every bit as gorgeous in person. I also got to eye-spy the lovely Kari hard at work in the open kitchen in Boneta. Some days, I feel like I 100% want to zip back to London and others, I can’t imagine wanting to give up the life I’ve made here. It easy to want to stay somewhere when you have so many people saying how much they want you in their lives.

I think I am better at living in Vancouver than I ever was in London. There are rough days here too, like my inability to find a new place to live in the bizarre Vancouver housing market. Yesterday, I went to see a place that can only be described as a Canadian Rasta Commune. Would it be interesting to live there… sure. Today, someone asked ‘how are you with animals?’ Well, I haven’t had my tetanus shots in a while.

I guess I am standing at the fork in the road and either way could be wonderful.

Drinking under Gassy Jack.


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