I swear, Officer, I was only proving a point

Today I got on the bus and a very cute boy tried to chat me up and subsequently asked me out. But having lived in London, I automatically assumed he was going to try and rob me. The distraction technique. I know this one, it’s happened to me! Almost everyone I know has been robbed of something, so I’m not just crazy and paranoid. Okay, maybe a little. I assume everyone, all the time, is going to try to steal from me. People ask me directions and I clutch my handbag tighter, they smile at me and I think ‘THIEVES’. Don’t even try to approach me in Starbucks, mecca of thievery*.

This fear of theft is so prevalent, I even look out for others for it. Especially in Vancouver, people are so spoiled and privileged, they leave their laptops and belongings unattended all the time. Yesterday in yoga, I spotted a woman had just chucked her iPhone 4 and wallet down and left them. I was tempted to steal them. Just to prove, crime is everywhere! Wise up.

* Where my beloved iPhone 3GS was stolen from me.


One thought on “I swear, Officer, I was only proving a point

  1. […] iPhone was stolen. Again. This time it was my iPhone 4 which I had paid full price to replace my 3GS stolen just last December. So I had it for less than 12 months. This stolen iPhone habit is expensive, like a crack high but […]

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