Meanderings, not worthy of a title

They kept saying it, through all the months of rain and rain. ‘Just wait, wait till the summer gets here, then it’s amazing.’ Aside from me surmising that the entire of Vancouver had simultaneous Stockholm Syndrome, must be something in the water, I was willing to wait. After all, we did have a long and great snow season. This week it has officially arrived. At the beach this weekend, my sister typically moaned, ‘I’d love to be in Monaco right now’. Are you kidding me? Now, I’ve never been to Monaco, maybe it is that amazing. Or maybe it is full of rich twats and poseury tossers. (Wait a minute, that could describe here too, never mind) That being said, I wouldn’t say no to a visit. But Vancouver, does have something special in the summertime. Just like London, just like every city the sun deigns to shine on for a few months a year.


I’ve never seen the forecast like this for a week straight. People are tearing off their clothes, running in the sun and doing sit ups on the bankside. Me? I’m stretched out with a book and a wondering would I be arrested if I broke out the bottle of organic cider in my bag.

Summer sales are on too, I went shopping this evening to buy a sports bra and instead bought a pair of short shorts and a stripey top. Who wants to wear a sports bra anyway? If breasts could talk, they would say ‘hell no’.

And a quick pop in to visit the Vancouver Art Gallery, the VAG. No, not like that. VAG like bag. Less amusing, but also less likely to raise a blush on the cheeks of innocent Vancouverites. With less than an hour before closing, it was not enough time to see much of the exhibition, The Colour of Dreams: Surrealist Revolution in Art. They have some fantastic stuff on show, my favourite,  Joseph Cornell. But also Breton and Dali, people practically had their noses pressed up against his paintings. Tuesdays is free by donation night, I think I am a total snob because I’d rather pay and go without the crowds.

Such a gorgeous building, the VAG, but it’s been under construction the entire time I have been here, so I’ve never gotten to sit on the steps. That’s life, huh. It is one of the city’s most popular places, for a drink, for a protest, to smoke a spliff and is wonderfully featured in this photo essay on Vancouver Architecture. There are so many beautiful photos in that piece and it makes me feel bad that I wander by these places every day and never give them the attention they deserve.


One thought on “Meanderings, not worthy of a title

  1. Amanda says:

    sounds like you’ve been enjoying the sun :).

    miss you, crazy irish lazy. lets have a drink, sometime soon. xxx

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