I wish my job title had joyologist in it.

Tonight I went to a sex (or sexuality) class with Allison Braun, the Bedroom Joyologist.* I love how Vancouver has sex workshops. Though I shouldn’t be surprised, everything here is about self-improvement and self-enjoyment from body to mind. The more you enjoy yourself sexually, the more your partner will. This one was a little tame, but I’m checking some out in Kitsilano that seem a lot more ‘interesting’.

There is one called Cock Massage Artistry. Artistry, eh? I wonder if this is something you could put on your resume. There are so many fantastic workshops here on sex with a partner and self-loving that it is a shame more people don’t go along. Certainly would be difficult to track things like this down in London, ‘no sex, please, we’re British’. There is your entrepreneurial opportunity right there!

*Sorry if this wasn’t a post you were expecting, but this blog is on my life in Vancouver.


One thought on “I wish my job title had joyologist in it.

  1. Mei says:

    i would like to come visit you and learn about this artistry. and let’s put it on our damn joyologist resume.

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