Social Feed Van

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending an outdoor event from the chaps behind The Social Feed Van. Like the underground restaurant phenomenon but with a difference, these guys host dinners for a bunch of strangers at different locations around the city. They visit independent restaurants and bars with an entourage of new friends from the Internet. Today’s event was a collaboration with the Vancouver Farmer’s Market, so all the ingredients were sourced from the traders and farmer stalls.

I have been to community dinners before, but this event featured the highest quality and most generous dishes I’ve had. Impressive plates of pizza, pulled pork tacos, sausages and lemon tarts.

My favourite course, the cheese plate and accompanying chutney and sauce dishes. This particular dip from Dohm was so incredible, I wanted to marry it and have its delicious children.

The lovely Colene and I.

Chocolate brownies. Mine are better.

Lilac macaroons. Sensational.

I was told tonight, ‘you really are something’. I think I may have been on crazy form with the jokes and the teases.


One thought on “Social Feed Van

  1. Hi Linzi,
    glad you liked the macaron! Although it’s lilac in color, the filling is a milk chocolate ganache with Earl Grey tea, but the Earl Grey is very floral. It’s our best seller… Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

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