Turning 30, oh shizz.

Inspired by Colene’s awesome 30 for 30 project, next year I will be doing 30 by 30. Sure, I’m still only 28 but it’s never too early to start thinking about all the things I want to do by the time I turn 30. Over the summer, to mentally prepare for my move back to London, I made two lists, one of things I’d like to be doing in six months and one of things I want to have done by 30.

Some are abstract, like ‘stop letting other people’s melodramatic bullshit bother me’. This one has been tested a lot recently. And others are more concrete like ‘get a more creative job’ or ‘take a picture every day for a year’. So 30 by 30, I’m interested to see what it is going to hold for me. Any suggestions for the list, you can let me know. I have over 3 months to make it. I know that travel, love and adventure are going to feature highly, but other concepts are there too. Acceptance, growth and personal development. ‘Eat the world’s largest cheeseburger’, probably not that one.


One thought on “Turning 30, oh shizz.

  1. Colene says:

    Can you add moving back to Vancouver on there? Shenanigans in NY maybe?

    Proud of you, xo.

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