We fall so we learn to pick ourselves back up

Phone calls to family are always fun. Or not.

My sister: ‘So you should just come back to Vancouver. Just come back’.

Me: ‘Yeah.’

Life is not without its complications. I’d hate to say that I should really just never have come back here, but it might be starting to look that way. London people were happier with me away and Vancouver people happier with me there, where am I going to be happiest?

Has this blog gotten a little too emo? Perhaps. My ex-flatmate in Yaletown emailed to say my room would be available in January again, that the cat missed me. Oh Comet, I miss you too. When I hear nice things like that, it wears away at my frayed London-defenses. Could be that I just need a holiday, it’s been since August that I haven’t been away. It doesn’t help that I have 3 projects launching in January and a hole in my life where close friends used to live. Possibly things in London just need to lighten up; lack of open spaces and office politics don’t make for an environment you can think clearly in.


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