A life < ordinary

January is not a month that is known for its gleeful fun times and unparalleled joy, that’s more of a sunny July or decadent December. No one likes January, it’s the sullen kid at the back of the class kicking the chair in front and scowling at the other children.

I took this when the DLR stalled for 45 minutes this morning.

Not anymore, January (you bitch). As part of my Adventures in 2012, I’m aiming to do one new thing a week. Be it cooking something new, visiting a new restaurant or bar (this one is my favourite), finding a new hobby or checking out a new part of the city. I’d love for people to come along on my adventures, but many may be solo trips.

Part of this adventure will make up my 365 Days of Linzi project. A photo a day for a year. I hope I get to complete this. I’m currently waiting for photo-op 3 to come out of the oven.


One thought on “A life < ordinary

  1. Love your new project :)! Positivity FTW. Hopefully I’ll get to come along on a few adventures with you.

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