How’s *your* day going?

Work angst, life angst… today the highlight of my morning was going to be that I had a Bacon McMuffin but thankfully someone had messaged to say they missed me and another to say they were excited to be Skyping me. Some better highlights and to be honest, I’ve had better McMuffins.

Anyway, I’m not one to just wallow in the mire, ever. If you can try to change situations, you should, even if it takes a little time to get there. I like to change my personal circumstances wherever I can do, keeps the mind moving forward.

Also I’m starting to wonder if I need to become more Zen about arguments with people, I’m not a big fan of bickering with people but I do feel the need to defend my position at times. In future, I think I will just let their words wash over me and go ‘yeah, I was wrong, you were right. Talk later, byeeee’. A fabulous strategy, I’m sure Buddha would approve 😉


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