Dear Android,

I’m leaving you. It’s not you, it’s me… I hate you.

Things I’ve said to my Android recently:

‘Just open the page, how can this be taking so long?!’

‘Refresh, refresh, oh  my God now!’

‘That’s not a picture, that’s just blur’

GPS: ‘I’m not in the river, I’m next to the canal, WHY WOULD I BE IN THE RIVER?’

‘Force close? Again, really?’

‘Oh the Wildfire is a smartphone alright, for people too stupid to know there’s better out there’

‘How many clicks can there possibly be to get to the settings?’

‘What are all these icons at the top of the screen? It’s like deciphering hieroglyphics.’

‘Oh out of battery again? What a surprise! I’m lucky I’m not trapped down a well’

So… basically, Android. I’m leaving you for Siri. Don’t call, don’t write. Don’t crash all my applications.


Next steps

This is an interesting message, it was Image of the Day on one of my favourite blogs today. Apt really, because it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. However, I don’t think you necessarily forgive or forget with certain people, but maybe you just stop caring. It stops being important that thing you can’t forgive. Because you’ve found other things and other people to make you happy and you just don’t have to hold onto it anymore.

Better to just choose something else, like moving forward.


A little homesick. Missing my Vancouver family. And just so sick of not-nice people and their not-nice ways.

Today made me:

Want to go home to Ireland to see my mum.
Want to call my best friends and tell them I missed them.
Want to tell the not-nice people in my life how great it would be if I never had to see them again. Wheee.

Today stole my happy feelings and I wish it would give them back.

Tomorrow, I’ll give you a shot.

How’s *your* day going?

Work angst, life angst… today the highlight of my morning was going to be that I had a Bacon McMuffin but thankfully someone had messaged to say they missed me and another to say they were excited to be Skyping me. Some better highlights and to be honest, I’ve had better McMuffins.

Anyway, I’m not one to just wallow in the mire, ever. If you can try to change situations, you should, even if it takes a little time to get there. I like to change my personal circumstances wherever I can do, keeps the mind moving forward.

Also I’m starting to wonder if I need to become more Zen about arguments with people, I’m not a big fan of bickering with people but I do feel the need to defend my position at times. In future, I think I will just let their words wash over me and go ‘yeah, I was wrong, you were right. Talk later, byeeee’. A fabulous strategy, I’m sure Buddha would approve 😉

Up in that east London business

Saturday mornings are just the best, aren’t they? I complained a lot that this week was a struggle but the weekend more than made up for it. Kicking it off with a crazy karaoke dance party. Much too many cocktails, that I did not make and have no idea what was in them, were thrown back, songs sung horribly and lots of laughing. Someone I haven’t seen in a little bit reminded me that I was one of their closest friends and not forgotten at all.

This afternoon was catching up with one of my oldest and dearest friends at wonderful Broadway Market. I’d love to have better photos but my silly little Android is no good at all. I’m saving for a magical SLR.

This is me on the Frocks Afloat boat, which is an interesting little endeavour. Only in London can you pull up on the canal and sell vintage clothes out of your houseboat.

A life < ordinary

January is not a month that is known for its gleeful fun times and unparalleled joy, that’s more of a sunny July or decadent December. No one likes January, it’s the sullen kid at the back of the class kicking the chair in front and scowling at the other children.

I took this when the DLR stalled for 45 minutes this morning.

Not anymore, January (you bitch). As part of my Adventures in 2012, I’m aiming to do one new thing a week. Be it cooking something new, visiting a new restaurant or bar (this one is my favourite), finding a new hobby or checking out a new part of the city. I’d love for people to come along on my adventures, but many may be solo trips.

Part of this adventure will make up my 365 Days of Linzi project. A photo a day for a year. I hope I get to complete this. I’m currently waiting for photo-op 3 to come out of the oven.

Here we go again

I rang in the new year last night on the Millennium Bridge with a couple of hundred strangers and good friends.  Danced on the tube, popped bubbly on the street, I kissed a stranger on the lips at midnight and ate soup with the most beautiful Swedish man in my favourite bar. We laughed, we sorta watched the fireworks and we toasted to a great, new year. For some of us, we wanted to leave behind not-so-good things that chased us in 2011 and look forward to a bright beginning.

But the most important thing I learned in the last year is that life is what you make of it and what you want from it. The more you put in, the more you get back out. I’m a Yes person at heart and being open to things can sometimes be risky but the rewards are so worth it. Saying yes to things has connected me to more amazing people and adventures in the last year that I could ever have hoped for. So… to saying yes more in 2012.

I love this guy, no idea what he is singing about.

Jonathan Johansson – Efter skimret, efter snön