Social Feed Van

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending an outdoor event from the chaps behind The Social Feed Van. Like the underground restaurant phenomenon but with a difference, these guys host dinners for a bunch of strangers at different locations around the city. They visit independent restaurants and bars with an entourage of new friends from the Internet. Today’s event was a collaboration with the Vancouver Farmer’s Market, so all the ingredients were sourced from the traders and farmer stalls.

I have been to community dinners before, but this event featured the highest quality and most generous dishes I’ve had. Impressive plates of pizza, pulled pork tacos, sausages and lemon tarts.

My favourite course, the cheese plate and accompanying chutney and sauce dishes. This particular dip from Dohm was so incredible, I wanted to marry it and have its delicious children.

The lovely Colene and I.

Chocolate brownies. Mine are better.

Lilac macaroons. Sensational.

I was told tonight, ‘you really are something’. I think I may have been on crazy form with the jokes and the teases.


Time to go

Time’s up.

My heart is heavy today for more reasons that I care to admit.

Also this ticket cost me more than my MacBook Pro. The next few weeks will be hard. Walking away from my Vancouver support system that looked after me for so long, the real world will be tough without them. I hope that I haven’t been softened by life on the west coast. I’ve learnt a lot in Vancouver; that life is only as hard as you choose to make it.

View from the beach

Jeez, the views here just never get old. They just get more and more spectacularly beautiful. Tonight was the second night of the Celebration of Lights and it was Spain’s turn. I preferred this to China’s efforts. Why? Maybe because Spain is closer and I love it and I just feel it would be too easy for China to win. Come on, Team Canada on Saturday night!

I find it crazy and hilarious that this fireworks competition happens every year and people flock to the beaches to watch, with no promise of booze or… uh, mostly booze. Would this happen in the UK? Nah, we are too tired and jaded for sparkly fireworks.

The company was better tonight and the vibe was nicer.
Letting positivity in and negativity out is the order of the day.

Wherein I discover I’m not a hiker

The great outdoors today for a hike. As a child of the digital age, I am not a big hiking fan, unless there’s the promise of alcohol at the end of it. I also need to choose another hiking partner. Hiking with my sister shrieking at me for not going fast enough is intolerable.  In fact, I am pretty sure if I went by myself or anyone else, it would be fine. I kept hoping I’d be eaten by a bear. Seriously. Or an axe murderer. The woods are supposed to be full of these things, but no such luck.

It was very pretty there. Nice waterfalls, lots of trees. But after 2km of trees and facing another 10k more, you start to think, what’s so great about trees anways!

Meanderings, not worthy of a title

They kept saying it, through all the months of rain and rain. ‘Just wait, wait till the summer gets here, then it’s amazing.’ Aside from me surmising that the entire of Vancouver had simultaneous Stockholm Syndrome, must be something in the water, I was willing to wait. After all, we did have a long and great snow season. This week it has officially arrived. At the beach this weekend, my sister typically moaned, ‘I’d love to be in Monaco right now’. Are you kidding me? Now, I’ve never been to Monaco, maybe it is that amazing. Or maybe it is full of rich twats and poseury tossers. (Wait a minute, that could describe here too, never mind) That being said, I wouldn’t say no to a visit. But Vancouver, does have something special in the summertime. Just like London, just like every city the sun deigns to shine on for a few months a year.


I’ve never seen the forecast like this for a week straight. People are tearing off their clothes, running in the sun and doing sit ups on the bankside. Me? I’m stretched out with a book and a wondering would I be arrested if I broke out the bottle of organic cider in my bag.

Summer sales are on too, I went shopping this evening to buy a sports bra and instead bought a pair of short shorts and a stripey top. Who wants to wear a sports bra anyway? If breasts could talk, they would say ‘hell no’.

And a quick pop in to visit the Vancouver Art Gallery, the VAG. No, not like that. VAG like bag. Less amusing, but also less likely to raise a blush on the cheeks of innocent Vancouverites. With less than an hour before closing, it was not enough time to see much of the exhibition, The Colour of Dreams: Surrealist Revolution in Art. They have some fantastic stuff on show, my favourite,  Joseph Cornell. But also Breton and Dali, people practically had their noses pressed up against his paintings. Tuesdays is free by donation night, I think I am a total snob because I’d rather pay and go without the crowds.

Such a gorgeous building, the VAG, but it’s been under construction the entire time I have been here, so I’ve never gotten to sit on the steps. That’s life, huh. It is one of the city’s most popular places, for a drink, for a protest, to smoke a spliff and is wonderfully featured in this photo essay on Vancouver Architecture. There are so many beautiful photos in that piece and it makes me feel bad that I wander by these places every day and never give them the attention they deserve.

A day of summer

They say in Ireland that you can experience 4 seasons in one day. But Vancouver trumps Ireland in terms of weather-ability. Yesterday, I woke to torrential rain and dragged my sorry ass to Kitsilano to see an apartment. Ocean views not so fun when the rain is a-pouring down!

Then today, beautiful sunny skies and me with Factor 45 at the beach.

I love going to the beach by myself, but it means  I only ever have half shots of me. Wearing my deckchair stripey dress.

Nudists might be cool but you, sir, are an awkward jerk. Some Vancouverites are so polite, like all the boys who stepped back to let me get on first, and some are not, like this guy who wouldn’t move for a lady and her stroller. You have been outed on the interwebs!

Speaking of nudists, I’m totally going to Wreck Beach the next sunny day. No, none of you are invited with me 😉

Also, new shoes! Every New Shoe Day is a great day. I worry how I am going to move all my stuff though. There have been a lot of New Shoe Days since I moved here.