Bake for the Quake

Last night’s Bake for the Quake bake sale was such a fantastic event. Organised by Mel from Gourmet Fury  and Joy from in aid of the earthquake in Japan and tsunami relief. The event gained a huge amount of social media attention from the web community and over 650 people showed up making it the biggest bake sale in Vancouver’s history. Like I said, charity is great and all, but add frosting to that and you can’t keep people away.

I got there early and met up with the lovely Colene and Rick Chung, there was already quite a line (I have to stop saying queue, too British of me). This was to be the theme of the night, jostling and trying not to get too sugar crazed.

Sigh, my photos always look like they were taken through a film of vaseline, I must save for a new snappy snapper.

Some healthy stuff, not for me.

I like my calories where I can see them, these looked amazing.

Fudge and little Buddha cookies, very clever.

Catering for the vegans, very impressive.

Baked in Vancouver’s Twitter famous Canucks cupcakes. Sadly, these did not spur the boys onto a victory tonight. They clearly need more sugar in their diets.

Our favourite table of all, SweeTease Cupcakes, these ladies were obviously professionals and had produced incredible works of cupcakery art. Burger and fries, anyone?

Hello, little chaps. Who wants to be eaten by me?

Oh little friend, you were a delicious treat.