Conversations with…

I could start a whole blog purely based on hilarious conversations I have with my sister. Last night we were chatting about internet dating. I was encouraging her to join Plenty Of Fish because so many people I know here* are registered and appear to get a lot of dates. Successfully and not so.  I was hoping she wouldn’t ask why I didn’t join. It’s not that I am against internet dating, it works for a lot of people, but I know that isn’t how my mind and heart work. Also, admittedly, I find it kind of defeatist.

But she asked. “Why don’t you sign up?”

Me: “Oh, I guess I am not that bothered with finding someone. I figure the universe has a plan and will drop the right person in my lap. It always has done before”.

She: “Yeah, I don’t believe in that fate shit”.

Fair enough. Some people will find their other half, even if they have to go out and hunt them down. Bow and arrows ready, ladies.

*Vancouver is so small, I actually told her to tell me who she would be dating so I could pre-screen them. If I haven’t heard of them, someone I know has.