BC, I thought we agreed that we’d just be friends…

but dammit, you’re making me fall in love with you. Wonderful and peaceful weekend with friends at a cabin on Salt Springs Island. We ate, we played and we laughed, a lot. Good friends/great people can carry you away on a wave of positive feelings and fun times. We made each other laugh so much. Terrible jokes that you can only make with people you feel truly comfortable with. I was genuinely so taken by the beauty of the place and the thrill everyone was feeling at being out of the city that I didn’t have a care or worry or stress all weekend.

I sat here for a while and had a think, I dubbed it The Dock of Contemplation. Headed back inside, listened to Wes play the guitar, Ainsley sing and Cyndi and Tyler get all domestic in the kitchen. After a couple of glasses of wine, Tyler and I had a Yoga-Off. He’s good, but I beat him with the wheel position complete with leg raise. Oh yeah, we made yoga a competition. After drinking. I fear I may forever be banned from the studio once the yoga gods get wind of this.

We had planned on grilling the steaks over the fire, but being British Columbia, we got rained out. However, clever Wes, not a first time camper, had another plan. He had a sauna tent that he built the hot rocks into. So just before midnight, six of us climbed back into our swimsuits after the day’s hot-tubbing and ran out into the pitchblack rain to squeeze into the tent. We couldn’t see but only feel our way amidst giggling, shrieking and shushing. Neighbouring cabins probably had one finger on the police line in case we got any weirder. It was amazing, heat, steam and the closeness of the tent made for an exhilarating. experience. Standing in your swimsuit in the rain is cold but charging. A weekend of great memories.