I’ll ride the range

Surely the most wonderful thing about living in Vancouver is the proximity to the mountains and fresh powder? Admittedly it takes me an hour to get there by three kinds of public transport, but if you have your own car, twenty minutes. And yet, so many Vancouverites don’t do winter sports. Mentallers. Until you’ve stood at the top of the mountain looking down on the city glittering beneath you, you haven’t lived and loved the beauty of this place. And night boarding! God, night boarding is incredible. The whole city is lit up and you are in darkness whizzing down towards it.

This will probably be my last weekend on the local mountains this season, so indulge me in a farewell to the snow. On the gondola

From the slopes, a metropolis awaits. As much as apres ski is awesome in Europe, you do not get these views.

What is great about North American boarding is that it can never be as crowded as the European slopes. It’s often been me alone on a deserted run in Grouse, nothing but the skies above me and the snow beneath. Hello, peace. Even today, on a beautifully sunny bank holiday when the slopes were packed, I hit a quiet run and I was totally alone.

The city giving me a sneaky peek between the trees.

One of the only times when I think about no one and nothing is on these slopes. It’s just me, my iPod (epic boarding tunes) and my snowboard. You just feel your body twisting and turning and the board in tune moving beneath you. Sometimes you hit a smooth stretch and it’s unbelievable how fast and fluid you are going. Other times, you hit the snow hard and have to bounce back up.

“When I strap my helmet on, I’ll be long gone, because I’ve been dying to leave.”

Owl City – Cave In

Though my photos deny it, it was beautiful weather up there today.

The residents of Vancouver keep trying to persuade me that the summer is when the city is at its best. Sorry guys, I’ve seen it at its best and this winter city is a beauty. Summer can’t touch this 🙂