The week that was… in photos.

Lots of thoughts in my head this week, personal, private and professional. Matters of the mind and heart never really reconcile. So instead of a blog post, I want to share my week in pictures.

Dinner at the Leetag Room at The Waldorf for Kemp’s birthday. Cocktails in coconuts, calamari and the best/worst first date story I’ve ever heard.

Downstairs for the after party of Apathy is Dead. Lovely to meet a couple of new faces and hug hello to my favourites, Ajay, Cynd, Derek, I’m looking at you.

The food at the Leeteg Room is fantastic. All based on Spanish tapas, the croquetas were sublime but it was this calamari and patatas brava dish that really won me over. C and I also got to have dessert for dinner, well main course, and the staff were wonderfully sweet and accommodating. I love this place.

I’ve started work at a new company. Here I am, riding the fine line of ‘business casual’ as usual. Whoever came up with that expression never saw me coming. I’ve never worked in a Canadian office before so it will be an interesting  change.

The company is based near Granville Market, which I’ve photographed here before. Of course, it isn’t Borough Market and cannot even come close. But it is nice to have a food market nearby. Even if it just means lunchtime falafel and having to run away from the seagulls.

I never get tired of looking at patisseries. Go Canucks cakes!

I like to live my life in full-on techniclolour, so love these displays of fruits.

And the crazy tomatoes they have here. Granville Market, the perfect place for lunchtime grocery shopping.

I always seek out beautiful spots to eat lunch and just outside this condo building is a lovely pond with some duckies. A touch of wildlife in a work day.

Is this my iPhone desperately trying to prove to me that it can take nice, clear pictures?

This little chap is a lovely lunch date and absolutely photogenic!

Two photos here to show the difference between shooting on my iPhone’s regular settings and using HDR.

With HDR below, watch those clouds just pop out. Sometimes the HDR makes a photo worse or washed out, but it can define images amazingly and with clouds especially, the effect is fantastic .