Late fm

Remember that radio station that used to play love songs late at night in Ireland? No, I don’t either. And that’s the trouble with replacing live DJ tracklists with your iPod, you never get that unexpected hit of a great song that just says it all.

I remember getting in a cab home one night, totally defeated. It had been clearly a heart wrenching and soul destroying night* and a song was playing that just summed up exactly how shit I felt.** You’d never be able to find the right words to express what you were feeling so perfectly yourself. That’s why music is the sound of the soul. Why we continue to chase down musicians and songwriters to find the words that we can’t say ourselves. We need radio late night love affair, or whatever it was called, back again.

I love this track, it’s a song for lovers, though. Not the love lost.

* Boys, eh? What bastards.

**  I think the song may actually have been something by Whitney Houston or Toni Braxton. Whatever, some shit. It was the early 00s, don’t judge.