Annual 4/20 Festival

Vancouver has never struck me as the kind of town where ‘anything goes’. In fact, in some respects it can be very uptight. Take my yoga studio, I had to sign a list of rules to apply for classes. The Yoga Gestapo are very strict. Or dating, where people in bars are way too superior to deign to speak to each other. Yet you can freely walk down the street smoking a joint. Walk by buildings and people on the street and whoosh, get a contact high.

And the police really don’t seem to care. How does anyone get anything done? It’s not really my thing, I’m a social drinker and anything that will make me lazier and fatter is just not appealing. But here are some snaps from the city’s 4/20 Festival at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Just like a normal festival, there’s speeches, live music and a guy giving tips on when and when not to get high (before going to the dentist? no. after the dentist? yes). Good thing the crowd is about 80% teenagers, best to educate these kids when they are young and impressionable.

Of course, what would a weed festival be without people freely selling bags of it? Gotta love capitalism.

Enterprise in action. The picture actually makes these look a lot more appetising than they looked in person. Happily I’m going to Bake for the Quake later, I’ll get my baked goods there. Also $7 for a cookie, it better bloody be a magic cookie… oh wait.

Hey, sustainable farming. I can get behind that. My aunt used to grow her own pot, though I’d never have the patience for that.

Good thing the fire department is here, lest a giant weed fire break out and engulf the city.

If this post sounds uptight… well suck it, hippies! I’ll spend my money on shoes and drink and waft only a trail of Chanel behind me.