Railroad Cafe, Hackney

A book exchange, seasonal homemade foods, cups handmade by the owner’s mom, if Railroad Cafe were a man, I think I’d be in love with him. Opened in autumn 2010, this place is getting a lot of love from people whose opinion I really respect in London, photographers, food bloggers etc. I just wish that I could pop by and try it out myself, blood orange tart and a flat white, yes please. Railroad even has a space which holds poetry events, it seems to be truly building a warm community vibe. New cafes and places like this are what I miss about London, I never even made it to Leila’s. Sad Linzi.

Their website seems to be unsafe, so I snagged a photo from Facebook.  Love the colourful tiles, the bright blue wall and the whimsical, handwritten signs.

Photo credit http://www.facebook.com/pages/Railroad/134575833253328