No wet food

I had ramen today for the second time in my life. It’s a bit weird, ramen, isn’t it? I’ve never been able to get onboard the ramen train. And I have boarded some unlikely food trains, oysters, raw fish, cashew nut cheese, vegetarian spare ribs. But I’ve never ‘gotten’ the ramen thing, especially when they add fried food to it. Gyoza or tempura on top of ramen? But it gets all wet, the madness! I ate this at a very mediocre sushi place near my office, turns out that while they make crap rolls, they make okay ramen. Although who the hell am I to be passing judgement on ramen?

I can’t deny it’s a comfort food, especially in this endless winter we are living in. But it takes so damn long to eat, I gave up halfway through. I guess I need ramen eating tips. Or a fork.