The hat makes the man

I know some very dapper chaps back in London who would love this shop. I’ve walked by Goorin Bros hat shop many times but always figured it was a man’s place and not the shopping destination for the peacock of colourful clothing that I am. However, one day Cyndi and I were ambling about Yaletown and they invited us in for their cheese, wine and jazz party. Very sweet and friendly.

The store has a great layout and design, very old-school dandy gent with big leather couches and vintage furnishings. It’s very European and stylish, if you are going to pick out a hat, this is the store to do it in.

Many styles and designs for the man who cannot leave home with a perfectly fitted fedora.

Of course, it isn’t every day you get to shop with real live musicians.

Apologies for the quality of the shots, le iPhone really is a terror. Visit for some hat-tricks of your own.